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Supporting 13 year community servants

Brendan and Sarah have lived in Mexico for 13 years serving in the community of La Misión. They founded and direct Siloé Ministries:
Brendan and Sarah and their daughters have selflessly sacrificed to bring health and wholeness to others. Now, as they face a huge health challenge for Brendan, this site will allow those who love them to come along side to pray, support and walk through this with them. We will post updates here about Brendan's status and ways to pray, and have shared here ways to donate to help their family

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Strong Tower Ministries P.O. Box 80969 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Memo: For Brandon & Sarah Mayer

October 18th, 2021

Hello Friends and Family,

A lot has happened since our last post.

If you read our last update, you know we were looking for a new house, that would allow our dogs to come join our family and help save us money each month. It seemed like an impossible ask, and we were disappointed when we started searching and realized that the rental market in San Diego is overpriced and extremely competitive.

But God.

Shortly after reading our Caring Bridge post, a long-time friend of ours from Baja, whom we've known for a decade, reached out to us letting us know she had a solution. She has a lovely home in Encinitas that she had planned to put on the market, but when she heard our need, decided she would hold off so that we could rent it to us (at FAR below market value!) and have our dogs with us as well. And.... it's only 2 miles from Brendan's rehab program, which previously was a 40-minute commute in each direction.

We moved in this weekend, which was stressful and exhausting, but such an answer to prayer we feel very blessed!

We cannot say thank you enough to all of those who have helped these past weeks, with moving furniture, cleaning, prepping our new home and vacating our prior one, helping transport Brendan to rehab and doctors' appointments, watching the girls last minute, bringing meals and sending Door Dash cards, and just being there when I needed to cry.... This journey is hard, and when I start to feel overwhelmed it indeed helps to remember all the dear friends, both old and new, who have stepped in to support us.

Brendan continues to get stronger every day working hard at rehab. Today, Brendan began driving re-training! He's grateful to be behind the wheel again and I think he will be very happy when I am no longer the family's driver! He continues to do well with immunotherapy, and thankfully has not had any major side effects. Please continue to pray for all aspects of his treatment and recovery.

With love and

arms, Sarah